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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 22, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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now", president obama touching down in ohio, we're looking at live pictures of air force one, ohio a state where just this morning it was announced unemployment is at nearly 11 percent. mr. obama will be touring businesses, holding a town hall meeting. let's get to caroline shaifly at the white house for us. caroline, important to note, president's message in ohio today is about jobs. it is not about health care. >> reporter: exactly right, jane, the white house really seems to be trying to pivot off of health care and on to the economy. they want to leave health care behind because they've gotten so much bad news recently, losing the senate race up in massachusetts. also, nancy pelosi saying look, the house is not going to pass this senate bill. the president is going -- has been reading the polls, he knows what americans are focused on now and that is jobs. that is certainly what folks in ohio want to hear and across the country, how are jobs going to be making a difference now. jane: is there a reason they chose ohio? >> reporter: ohio is an interesting choice.
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you spoke about the unemployment nuts, ten-point # percent in december, that's a in your opinion from november when they were at 10.6%, it is going to be maybe a tough sell, talking northern ohio outside of cleveland, out of work steel mill workers, out of work factory workers, so he does have a tone hall later this afternoon. it will be interesting to see what questions he gets. john boehner, house minority leader has sent out a scathing letter saying this is a non-job recovery that we're seeing in ohio, people up there want answers from the president. jane: caroline shively at the white house for us as we continue to watch these pictures. jon. jon: the president is going to be emerging from air force one in just a moment. we understand that he's going to be heading to -- well, he is in -- going to be heading to lorraine county in ohio, going to be tour ago wind turbine manufacturing plant, and also something called the fab lab facilities at lorraine county community college in aleria. then there's going to be a town meeting by the president at the lorraine
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county community college. so he's going to be doing a lot of talking about jobs. well, talking about new jobs is one thing. creating them, something else indeed. there is a hard new reality in the job market these days. this recession seems to have taught a lot of companies how to do more with fewer workers. so what can convince business owners to put americans back on the payroll? stuart varney anchors varney and company on the fox business network and he's here with more. >> jon, what you're talking about here is productivity. it has emerged over the past year that employers can produce a whole lot more with fewer workers. they're more productive. their enterprises are much more productive. how do you get them to hire more workers when they're already turning out more with fewer workers? the answer is not to tax those companies more heavily. the answer is not to make employees more expensive to
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hire. while the president is out there trying to stimulate green jobs, he's talking about another $150 billion job stimulus plan, let's hope if he gets it, it works better than job stimulus plan number one. jon: ohio obviously such a pivotal state in the election, the president is going back there. it seems that he arrives in ohio every few months to talk about jobs, but at some point, it would seem like the numbers have to get better there. he has to show some improvement. >> look, recently, we've seen a disturbing change in the trend on the unemployment front. for months and months and months, we had seen the number of new jobless claims go down. last couple of weeks, we've seen it go up. that is a disturbing trend. and this, of course, is a highly politicized situation jobs is issue number one in the united states. and the president is trying to get his political mojo back, because he lost it on
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health care, lost it in massachusetts, got to get back in some way of leading the charge politically, so now he's hammering the table about jobs. that's what he's doing right now. jon: well, and it does seem the massachusetts lesson is going to cause the white house to want to do more sort of hand in glove with republicans. that suggests that there could be perhaps some kind of tax relief coming? >> yes. this new job stimulus program, i believe it will be in the neighborhood of $150 billion, it won't all be government jobs. i believe that because the republicans have to be on board, there will be some kind of tax cuts for businesses, encouraging them to hire. but there will be a lot of green job creation and there will be an awful lot of money going to the states to keep teachers on the payroll. to keep other government workers in the states on the payroll. but yes, you're right, jon, the republicans, because their support is required, they will be pushing for tax cuts for businesses to help them hire more people. jon: we may be getting some
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kind of a readout on what the president plans to say any moment now. birth burton, deputy press secretary, had what's called a gaggle on air force one, that's where the reporters gather around with note pads and occasionally their microphones and he'll talk a little about what the president is expected to say. we may be getting some playback or readout from the gaggle in a couple of minutes, as the president now gets into his or dollars limo for the trip over to the wind turbine manufacturing facility. interesting that, you know, green energy still very much a part of the president's plan here, even as he seems to have, as you have said, pivoted away from health care. >> look, there is a problem with green energy jobs. i'll spell it out for you. the president is going to a wind turbine factory in ohio the wind -- american wind energy association, they told me last week that the total employment in the wind industry in america, direct and indirect, is only
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85,000. how many jobs can you create in the wind industry? certainly not the millions that we need in our society. and that's 85,000 directly employed in the wind industry, and also, indirectly employed. it's just not a very significant employer. jon: if you boost it, what, 10 percent, you get 8500 jobs, that's a drop in the bucket. >> doesn't count, jon. jon: we'll talk to you soon, stuart. jane: we want to get to the situation in haiti this morning and update you, people were scrambling for safety again this morning, another aftershock, rumbling what's left of port-au-prince, a lot of buildings there on shaky ground, so the rescue and seven crews had to stop working to get out of the rubble when the tremor hit. adam housely is in port-au-prince with more information. adam. >> reporter: that aftershock shook us pretty good this morning. not as big as the 6.1 a couple of days ago but enough to fray nerves here. you talk about the
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buildings, we're talking about house of -- thousands of buildings that are literally teterring when you walk by them so any shake could bring them down. the last aftershock brought down nine buildings according to authorities in the city. there are a couple of reports interesting for fox news crews out in the field now, one crew trying to get to a rest home that hasn't seen any aid, a drive that would normally take 20 minutes is now in the car still an hour and 40 minutes. they say traffic is miserable in the city, making it difficult for aid to get to areas south. we met up with a crew yesterday that finally got to the southern part of the city, they sent us a tweet on twitter and here's what we found when we met up with them at a tent city of 2500. >> we're into this camp -- learned of this camp through twit frer a man in georgia helping with the haitian relief. you can see there are 2500 people there and this group has come to help treat them for the first time hins the -- since the earthquake trip. he had a chance to help a 19-month-old baby after his
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mother died. ears what he had to say. >> it's a community that comes together and is able to communicate at a rate of speed that's really mind-boggling. >> reporter: that community also crosses language barriers as well. that crew, spencer nicks from georgia had other americans with them and a number of dominicans. now reaches that part of the city. as i mentioned, there are so many thousands to south that have yet to see water or food aid, at the same time, many have not seen medical aid. we know jane from orlando salinas' report that many were brought into some of the field hospitals here, there are knights, miami of university hospital at the airport, others are a tent set up in the middle after street with a few cots and blowup mattresses on the ground and that's the way people are treated. the worry is disease, so many cuts and injuries that have not been treated, infections are starting to set in and we're told there are more amputations taking place in the last day or two because people haven't had a chance to have their wounds
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cleaned since the earthquake hit. jane: adam housely, thank you. tears of joy and hugs to go around as dozens who survived the earthquake are now in the arms of american families. overnight, about 30 orphans, you can see them with the adoptive families in miami, some were meeting new families for the first time. we're told these children are part of a larger group of about 80 who arrived earlier in the united states. jon: a fox news weather alert, california is taking a real beating from the fifth storm this week, heavy rain hammering orange county, bringing a serious danger of mudslides there, the wildfires last year burned trees and brush that helped keep the soil in place on steep hillsides, rivers of dirt and rocks threatening thousands of homes in the area. how much longer will this weather last? rick reichmuth has the answers. >> reporter: we've got pretty much one last day of this storm and then a break over the weekend.
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tuesday the rain returns. i don't think anything like we've seen. california dealing with it, arizona dealing with it, the four corners. looking at this map, we have winter warnings, blizzard warnings in utah and colorado as well. a lot of people getting in on this. there's one really silver lining to this, a lot of the southwest has been under extreme drought for a number of years, a long-term drought, this will likely, being our drought map, will likely be wiped off when this is done, some of the areas picking up around 12 inches of rain from some of these storms we've seen this week. take a look at some of these rainfall totals, 12 inches in lytle creek, long beach, 5.7, burbank, 5.2, downtown l.a., 4.2, three to four in phoenix, arizona, and much more across some of the higher elevations. this is the upper level disturbance here and it is going to finally pull off towards the east and that's going to allow high pressure to move in and control things, keeping things calmer over the last couple of days, but we've got to get through today, very heavy rain pulling in
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towards los angeles and snow levels dropping to around 4000 feet throughout the day. in arizona, the higher elevations by the time this is done, probably seeing five to 6 feet of snow falling, that includes flagstaff, arizona, and the flooding concerns once this snow starts to melt over the next few days as well are going to continue into parts of the four corners. jon: sounds like a good dumping on the rockies. >> southern rocky, definitely. northern rockies, not so much. jane: exactly one year ago president obama signed that order to shut down gitmo by today, the deadline has come and gone, the center remains open. what's its fate? jon: a huge auto recall to tell but, it affects millions of vehicles with a potentially dangerous problem. we'll fill you in on that, next.
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jane: more trouble for toyota this morning, the company issuing a recall that covers 2.3 million cars and trucks, gas pedals stick, causing them to
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acsill rate, the problem involves the gas pedal wearing out and becoming hard to push down to spring back. the recall involves the camry, corolla and avalon, the models from 2005-2010. this may sound familiar because it is the second major recall involving a dangerous accelerator problem. toyota recently recalled 4 million vehicles because gas pedals got stuck by floor mats causing several crashes that were fatal. jon: confirmation just coming into the fox news room from administration officials that roughly 115 of the guantanamo detainees are about to be transferred to foreign nations immediately or at a slightly later date. about 35 of them are to be prosecuted in either federal court or military commissions. roughly 50 detainees might continue to be detained. now, this all comes one year ago from the day -- or one year from the day i should say that president obama pledged to close the
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detention center at guantanamo bay, by today. he signed the order to shut it down on his third day in office. despite the president's promise, there are still nearly 200 terror suspects being held there. major garrett is live at white house for us. major, the president was so emphatic he could close gitmo by today. it appears it might be another year? >> reporter: certainly, jon, there's a number of problems the administration still confronts, even as it announces to the justice department and other sources that it has some plan for a certain number of detainees currently at guantanamo to be sent to other countries. and it has trial procedures set up for those 35 mentioned in your lead. the problem is it needs to acquire that correctional facility in illinois, which the president says is going to be the next location once guantanamo is closed. it also needs to have the state purchase that, give it over to the federal government. there are a lot of complications just in securing and then retrofitting that facility. not to mention all the case load work that they've done to try to find out if they can find places for the
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guantanamo detainees and what to do with those that can't be tried and be released, the administration wants to be judged on its intentions but the bush administration had another intention, it also want to close guantanamo but said all details were difficult to work out, could not possibly be worked out in a year, but president obama thought it could, and now he has to deal with that failure, one year later. jon: how many of the detainees that were there when the president took office, how many have been released? >> here are the numbers, jon: forty-four have been released you said president obama's watch, two were sent to al jeara this week, 126 currently remain at guantanamo, when is down a bit, down 44 from when the obama administration took office. remember it once held 750, that de tension facility. far more were released under the bush administration than have been released under president bin laden. one of the reasons is the people who remain there are very tough actors with very difficult cases and it's been hard to find places to put them.
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but the announcement today, there are some agreements from other nation toss take them, the administration is trying to accelerate that process but it's been very slow going. jon: worth remembering there was a top white house staffer who's gone because gitmo is gone, right? >> gregg: with the white house council, his first and foremost task for the president was preparing the executive orders, signed one year ago today and overseeing the process to make that executive order come through. not more than a month ago, he was released and the biggest reason, the white house said privately, was that gitmo did not turn out the way the president wanted, and so the president took a fall politically, but gregg craig took a fall professionally. jon: major garrett at the white house, thank you. barack obama rocketed from the illinois state legislature to the white house in less than five years, making history in the process. along the way he promised hope and change. well, fox news tells the story of barack obama's first year in office in a way you've never heard, in his own words. be sure to catch fox news reporting, president obama
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in his own words, hosted by brett bay, saturday and sunday, 9:00 p.m. eastern time, right here on fox news channel. jane: the white house is saying today president obama hears america's anger and frustration about the economy. he has just touched down moments ago in ohio, he is there today to talk about jobs. is the sting of scott brown's victory in massachusetts this week causing the president to make what some are calling a serious course correction in his agenda? we'll debate that, fair and balanced, next.
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jon: opening statements just getting underway in kansas in a murder trial that's drawing national attention. scott roeder is charged with the first degree murder of a doctor who performed late-term abortions. he's already confessed that he killed george tiller but roeder said it was justified
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because he was trying to save unborn children. alisha kunya is outside the courthouse in wichita, kansas. what's happening there? >> reporter: sedgwick county district attorney -- [inaudible] they're set to begin in about five minutes and the prosecution will present its first witness, the defense in this case told the judge they do not plan to have their opening statements until after the prosecution has presented its entire case. so things still just getting underway here, jon. but also, one other note, just prior to the jury being sworn in, the prosecution made two requests to the judge that it had done prior that the done had already denied, one, a of -- a change of venue which he said no and the prosecution asked that scott roeder not be allowed to present a voluntary manslaughter defense, the judge said because he doesn't know what evidence is going to be presented in this case, it was premature to make that sort of decision, jon. jon: how does the judge keep this trial from becoming a
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referendum on abortion? >> reporter: for some reason, we are having trouble with alisha's audio there. we are going to get back to her at some point when we get that fixed. jane: president obama is in ohio right now, he's there to talk about jobs today. the white house is saying the president is hearing the anger and frustration over the economy, particularly in the wake of what happened in massachusetts, with that election of scott brown on tuesday. the president may be hearing this anger firsthand at a town hall meeting he is set to host in a couple of hours. unemployment in ohio, near 11 percent. what about health care? the white house is said to be pivoting away from that message. let's get to terry holt, he was national spokesman for the bush-cheney '04 campaign and former adviser to the rnc, doug schoen is with us, too, fox news contributor. i read with interest what you told our booker, i don't think the obama administration gets it, i think he has a problem with the people around him, a staff shakeup would
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certainly send a message to the people. you think he's still not getting it, even after tuesday's election? >> i don't. i mean, to me, the focus needs to be jobs, jobs, and jobs, and while it's a good first step that he's going to ohio, i don't think the white house or the democrats have outlined a clear agenda to revitalize the economy, to revitalize the private sector and to create jobs and until they do that, i don't think their message is going to be heard. jane: boy terry, it does remind you, we go back to this so often, the poster seld to be changing in the clinton headquarters, of bill clinton's campaign so long ago, the sign that says it's the economy, stupid. as a strategist, is that the sign you're putting up today or would you have put it up months ago? >> for the last 12 months, we've seen these high tax, high debt policies. the president doesn't just need to change the subject, he needs to change his whole approach to governing, and some of the fundamentals of his policies. you know, we talk about jobs, jobs, jobs. republican leader in the house, john boehner, has
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been going to the floor for almost a year now with the house of representatives saying where are the jobs mr. president. fundamentally jobs are going to come out of the private sector and every time the private sector has turned around in this administration, they've been whacked with ugly rhetoric, they've been whacked with a class warfare argument, and they've been whacked with high taxes and high debt, so it's not just a matter of showing up on the doorstep of the ohio voter and saying i get it, i know you're mad. they're going to have to do something substantial and real for people to really turn around their opinions of him. jane: doug, i guess this relate toss what you were just saying but if we go forward with a new agenda on revise -- on jobs or revised agendaa, does that mean more spend something. >> i think in the short term, if you tie tax cuts to stimulate job creation, particularly something like a payroll tax holiday, to real and meaningful spending restraint and decifit reduction, i think you can avoid having an adverse impact on our finances.
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but the american people also want fiscal restraint, and a projobs, fiscally conservative approach of the type that bill clinton took when he was in the white house and when i worked with him would i think be in order now. jane: tell me what it was like, doug, stay on that topic in the white house with clinton, what your message was to him and what his response was. >> it was very simple, jane, we joined at the end of '94, beginning of '95, after the defeat in the midterm elections, we said mr. president, if you're not perceived as a fiscal conserve tirvetion progrowth and prorestraint on spending, nobody is going to listen to your message. he agreed, he changed policies, he won the '96 election overwhelmingly, did welfare reform, balanced the budge, the rest is history. jane: no one should probably be writing obituaries yet, until the november elections, you can make real progress on this economy and a lot can be forgiven, can't
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it? >> the economy is going to eventually recover. we all have to recognize that. but we look at these policies and this rhetoric and we still see that some of the fundamentals aren't in place for long-term economic growth. what's great and surprising about this country is we will find a way to succeed somehow, but when barack obama talked about jobs at the very beginning of his administration, it was in the context of spending big bucks in the federal government, and the american people have become very jaded about how this president talks about the economy and begins to suspect that maybe he doesn't know what he's doing if you're really killing off jobs by killing off the private sector, by getting into the the sector's lives with regulation and higher taxes, you are killing the golden goose that lays the golden egg that creates the jobs in this country and john if they fundamentally understand that down at white house. jane: terry holt, doug schoen, we have to leave it there, we're waiting to get details to come, thank you to you both. jon: conditions are
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deteriorating in haiti, the devastated capitol hi, it's forcing a tough decision. the government there says it wants to move 400,000 people out of port-au-prince, that's enough people to fill the dallas cowboy football stadium four times over. so where do you put all those people, and how do you move them? and how far? jane: we've got live picture toss look at, this is the university of miami's makeshift hospital at the airport there in port-au-prince. you can see all those victims receiving treatment, some of them waiting to receive treatment. orlando salinas is on the ground there and we'll join dm in moments with not fun pictures.
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jane: we want to take you back to haiti now, the job of landing airplanes filled with supplies in port-au-prince sits on the shoulders of three men, three american soldiers who are in charge of air traffic control at that airport. they're working around the clock, trying to land about 100 plane as day, with 1400 more waiting in the wings, as you might say, to bring in these badly needed humanitarian supplies. orlando salinas is in port-au-prince, at this field hospital that's been set up by authorities at the university of miami. orly. >> reporter: jane, we will talk about those air combat controllers in a minute, what they're doing is exceedingly important, they're the other half of the story of why i'm here. we're here at the university of miami's medical hospital, came in a couple of days ago. steve, swing it around.
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this place has been in business since yesterday. about 24,000 or so, under this tent, they are looking to acquire even more space. just before you got here, there were haitians hope to go bring in the -- this is the floor of this hospital. they are not sitting on the grass, they have made their own foundation and this is their triage. there are folks here who have broken bones, toma you -- trauma you can see with your eyes. one of the difficulties they're having, they're having to give people who have internal injuries and they are doing their best to make sense of that. steve, swing it over that way. there is the digital x-ray machine.
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it's going to be hard to see it. we're working our way through people. they're bringing in more people. a while ago, they were bringing people in, laying on two chairs, doing the best they could. this digital x-ray machine, you can probably see it, steve, walk around a little bit, that digital x-ray machine was brought in here today, jane. as i understand it, in the course of just this morning, they have seen 90 people with that digital x-ray machine, that's the university of miami, that brought it in here. they are also beyond that wall in another tent, they are working with children and babies. this is a herculean effort taking place here. from what i understand, a lot of the folks that are here, they have brought in a lot of haitian american nurses from the united states to help in this relief effort. now, on the other side of this tent, outside, about 1000 yards on the other side, there is a group of air combat controllers who
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are doing some incredible work, bringing all the supplies here. there are the -- they are the ones coordinateing it, and making sure the planes arrive safely. take a look at this. >> coming through. >> you come here -- >> just off the runway at the international airport in port-au-prince, a group of american air men are directing some of the busiest and most congested air traffic in the world, all from a simple laminate table. >> i need to confirm what type of airplane are you, a helicopter or plane. >> last week's quake knocked out the high-perch control towmplet these combat air controllers from the 23rd tactical squadron were given one simple task, keep this international aid effort going by keeping thousands from aircraft from around the world from crashing into each other. >> no one was controlling this air strip when we first arrived, there were planes jockeying for position, first come, first serve or whoever was bigger was land. brad: sometimes they'll call
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up and you won't understand what they're saying. >> folks are, again, the air combat controllers are doing the incredible work at university of miami's makeshift hospital. when we were out here, our producer, jonathan, tells me that they were coming to us, something to hang up the i.d.s, we grabbed whatever we could and threw it up. the story is not me, the story is the people doing the work here. jane, they're doing the best they can. it's incredible, incredible circumstances. back to you. jane: orlando salinas with pretty cool pictures there from port-au-prince. we'll continue to bring you more as we get them. jon: on the topic of haiti and its destruction, how do you move an entire city of people who are sick, hungry and homeless? haiti's government says it wants to relocate 400,000 people out of the capitol city of port-au-prince for
11:38 am
their own safety and move them into tent cities. to put that into perspective, that's like moving every man, woman and child in the city of oakland, california, and plopping them somewhere else. the earthquake nearly leveled port-au-prince, making it almost impossible for people to live there, and just as hard, to get help to them. construction crews can't get into the area to start cleaning up. the big question is is this move even possible? we saw something similar after hurricane katrina hit new orleans and people were evacuated to places like houston for their safety but that's in a nation that has incredible transportation, highway facilities, et cetera. let's talk about it with david pollson, administrator for fema during hurricane katrina. he joins us by phone. four hundred thousand people in a country like haiti, mr. pollson, how do you move them? >> that is going to be very difficult, considering the broken infrastructure in that country. however, i think they're making the right decision to get people out of the city. if they can move into
11:39 am
existing housings around the country, that's the best of all worlds, but if not they're going to have to set up root sites, and what we learned in katrina we clearly was the smaller the group sites, the more manageiable it is. investigation very -- those very large group sites we set up were difficult to control. my recommendation was to do a lot of smaller sites and not large sites. jon: it's my understanding that u.n. troops are already leveling some sites where they're going to basically be pitching tents. the thing i wondered is this. this is basically the first i've heard of the haitian government doing anything in the wake of this disaster. does it seem like it might be too big an undertaking, 400,000 people for a government that's barely functioning? >> i don't believe that the haitian government can do it by themselves. this is going to take truly a joint international effort to make this happen. that's a lot of people, almost half a million people that have to be moved. it's going to take a coordinated effort, it's going to take all of us, that's the international
11:40 am
community, helping them to set up base camps, set up the group sites and get people moved out there. don't forget, you can't just put tents on the ground, there has to be water, electricity, they've got to have sewage facile the, some way to get water and food in and out of there. this is not an easy task at all. jon: david paulson, thank you. >> thank you jon. jane: we're just getting this from the white house, they're responding to reports that ben bernanke may have some trouble getting confirmed by the senate for a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. bernanke's current term expires at the end of the month. white house spokesman bill burton has just said the president believes bernanke is the right man for the job and that he will be reconfirmed, some support there from the white house. sind the -- behind the scenes, though, we're getting indications from our producers and reporters on capitol hill that bernanke could be facing a tough fight in all of this. paul jageau is host of the journal editorial report on the fox news channel. paul, talk to me about
11:41 am
what's going on here, is bernanke potentially being set up as a fall guy as a response to the anger at the government, at the bailouts, at wall street, what's going on? glie think that's rye. for some of the senators, particularly on the democratic side who would normally be expected to support a president's nominee, they're saying that the white house hasn't been tough enough on the banks, hasn't been tough enough on wall street, and bernanke is of course a symbol of somebody, one of those who bailed out a lot of those institutions. so this has caught the white house by surprise, and the president is going to have to spend some political capitol with his own party to get bernanke through. jane: is it going to be a lot of blusters, theater on the part of senators we've been hearing from, or is this really potentially in dang sner. >> look, i think he'll get through mainly because it will be such an embarrassment for a democratic senate, with 59 democrat or independently democratic leaning senators to not confirm a president's fed nominee. so i think he will get through. but he's going to get a lot of no votes, and the big vote will be can they get 60
11:42 am
to get it through and their going to have to rely on republicans to get him through if they're going to do it. jane: is the criticism legitimate? >> i think the criticism is legitimate to some extent. i think that bernanke did what he had to do during the crisis, but where i would fault bernanke was in helping create the basis for the crisis back in the middle part of this decade where they flooded the world with easy credit, and that set up the basis for the housing bubble that led to the panic, and bernanke made a big mistake earlier this month in saying it wasn't any of our fault, and by doing that, i think he made a lot of senators angry. jane: i want to put up a picture for our viewers from yesterday of the president standing with paul volcker, a former fed chair, when he announced these limits that he was imposing on the activities of banks. he was next to the president, paul volcker was, tim geithner, the treasury
11:43 am
secretary, was not next to him. what was announced was seen as kind of a rejection of geithner's more moderate approach. what does this all say to new. >> there's no question that there was an internal policy debate about this, and volcker won this round, but i don't think it means that geithner is going to be removed any time soon, because -- particularly in an election year. and the president does still tim geithner, rely on him, but on this particular proposal of limiting bancoo the businesses that banks can do and perhaps their size, this one was paul volcker's idea and he won this one over geithner. jane: is geithner staying, paul? >> he would -- i would be surprised if he were ousted before the election, it's very hard to do that because it would be an admission of defeat that his policies weren't working. so unless they felt they had to do it for political reasons, i don't think they'll do it. jane: paul, thanks, you can catch him on saturday, 2:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. jon: he's accused of killing one soldier and wounding
11:44 am
another outside an arkansas army recruiting center, now the suspect, abdul hakim mohammed says he's guilty. we'll tell you why he's changing his plea and why it surprised even his lawyer.
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
jon: the suspect in an attack on an army recruiting center wants to change his plea to guilty, he claims to be a member of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsa, the yemen-based group behind the christmas day bombing of a northwest jet. abdul hakim mohammed is accused of killing one in that 2009 attack, the revelations came from a letter to the judge in the case where mohammed called his action as jihadi attack, the lawyer said he's not aware of the change before the letter was sent but one prosecutor said he will not consider waiving the death penalty in this case because of the guilty plea. jane: president obama is talking about jobs today. we've been telling you, in the battle ground state of ohio.
11:48 am
the economy is a top concern for voters there, probably where you live as well. as democrats are gearing up for what is expected to be a difficult campaign season, let's get a bit of a better picture of what it's like in ohio. the unemployment rate, just this morning was announced, it's at almost 11 percent, up from the previous month. let's get to steve brown, he is there for us. steve, the governor is a democrat, ted strickland. has it hurt him? >> it absolutely has. he's running for reelection this year, and he would say that yes, it's definitely had an impact. he doesn't think it will reflect specifically on him because he believes, just as ohio families have had to fighten -- tighten their belts the ohio government has had to tighten its belt, too. have a listen. >> i've done something that my critics have always said they are going to do, i've actually reduced the size of government. there are almost 5000 fewer state employees in ohio than when i became governor three years ago. >> reporter: the question is will enough people who are just generally dissatisfied with the way things are going with the
11:49 am
economy cut ted strickland a break or give him slack for the efforts he has taken, even though unemployment is still high. jane: some of our viewers may remember, former congressman john kasich, fox host as well,sy strickland's opponent. what is he saying the -- about the jobs he would have done if he had been in office there? >> he said he could do a better job and as proof he points to his tenure as chairman of the house budget committee in the '90s that produced balanced budgets. have a listen. >> not only did we balance the budget but paid down half a trillion dollars in the national debt, never done it before and running a $250 billion surplus and we had a ten-year projected surplus of $5 trillion. >> reporter: now, already, ohio independents which outnumber both republicans and democrats in this state are leaning towards kasich's sales pitch to be the next governor of the state of ohio. the question is in places like where we are today in
11:50 am
lorraine, union strong holds that have been hammered, over the last two decades, to be truthful, but certainly in the last two years, will they turn out in the same strong numbers they did for strickland, four years ago in '06 when he took that job. those are the two battle ground groups. jane: steve brown in lorraine, thanks. jon: new information about prosecuting some of the detainees now held at the guantanamo bay prison. when will the obama administration actually close the prison? today is the day president obama set as the deadline to shut gitmo down. we'll take a look at the president's options straight ahead.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
jon: new information about the detainees being held in the prison at guantanamo, a member of the obama administration now says about 35 of those men may be prosecuted either in federal
11:54 am
court or in military commissions. roughly 50 might continue to be detained somewhere, and as many as 110 may be transferred to foreign nations. this comes on the day on which president obama said he would have gitmo shut down. let's talk about it with coley simpson, legal fellow at the heritage foundation, former deputy secretary of defense for detainees. coley, the president promised he would have gitmo closed by today. was it naive? >> it was. it's actually one of those promises you're happy he didn't fulfill. the only people it's going to make mad is the aclu and leftists in this country. look, they took this approach that they need to close it within a year, it was an aggressive time frame, but one that wasn't doable. and now, no one is sad except the aclu and others. jon: when you were working in the bush bush administration, president bush wanted to close it down and that was part of your job, too, wasn't it? >> it was, and in fact the bush administration
11:55 am
transferred or released over 500 people off that island, the obama administration has transferred only 44. but the ones that remain, the 196 that remain, are very tough cases, and that's why it's taken at least a year for them to get their arms around the problem and figure out a disposition for them. this place won't close this year, jon. jon: do you have sympathy for gregg craig, the guy tasked with getting it closed and basically lost his job because it isn't? >> absolutely. gregg craig was run out of town simply because he tried to do exactly what the president said he wanted to do during the campaign, and it was just politically unsustainable for him to stay there. jon: one of the reasons the obama administration cites for wanting to close gitmo is because it's become a rallying point for al-qaeda and other enemies overseas. are we to believe there are a bunch of terrorists in afghanistan and the middle east sitting around saying we really hate those americans because they didn't read us our miranda rights before they threw us in prison? >> they hate americans
11:56 am
because we're americans. there was no gitmo before the first world trade center bombing or the african embassy bombings or the cole bombing or 9/11. and when and if the thompson correctional facility is stood up that will be used as a propaganda tool against the united states. jon: colby stimson at the heritage foundation, colby, thank you. >> thanks jon. jane: we're showing you live pictures out of the nation's capitol, a rally there, this stems from a landmark supreme court ruling that certainly sparks hot debate on both sides, the issue so big it could affect a major piece of legislation being debated in congress now. more coming up in our next more coming up in our next hour. always ready when they hear the call... pancakes! (announcer) it's a job well done. because when it's pancakes, everybody's in it together. bisquick. pancake lovers unite.
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jane: hello, everybody. happening right now, pro-life activists rallying in washington d.c. it's the march for life protesting the 37th an verse oi
12:00 pm
the -- anniversary of the supreme court's ruling legalizing abortion. jon: the forecast for california calls for dryer weather this weekend, but the threat of mudslides remains. jane: from the headlines to the auction block now, the air bus that captain the sully splash landed in the hudson river will go to the highest bidder. you want to get your bid in, though, you should know this plane is being sold as is. jon: when there is abject destruction all around you, how do you get out of town? some 200,000 haitians are leaving their homes because, well, they simply don't exist anymore. u.s. forces are facing the major challenge of rebuilding the heavily-damaged port in the capital city. meantime, hope is fading for finding more victims in the rubble ten days after the quake. american families are making a new plea for help in searching
12:01 pm
for four florida college students still missing. they were staying at the hotel montana in port-au-prince. brian wilson is streaming live for us there. brian? >> yeah. actually we're about 2 miles from the hotel montana. it's on the hill that you see just in the distance there about 2 miles away. we have come back to our location to tell you the story of what we found there. we know from being there on the scene we actually saw the list. they believe there may be 14, i'm sorry, 12 americans inside that building. it could be a larger number than that because they're going off some very rough records. they don't know how many people were staying to a room. the registration records have not yet been found, so they have the name of 14 people, they're searching for 14 americans, but they acknowledge the number of americans could be much higher. we caught up with the search and rescue team. take a look at what we saw. this is a rescue team from the united states, fairfax county, virginia. they're on the job. their goal today is to punch through the front of this hotel
12:02 pm
into the lobby. the experts say that in times of disaster people try to move through their normal areas of egress, and they believe they might find people inside the lobby area. and they say they are working under the idea that they are still in the rescue phase, not recovery. but, quite frankly, as time goes forward, recovery is what will more likely be the case. now, there is a bit of a controversy developing there. there are some people there representing american families who told us that they felt the chileans who were there under the auspices of the u.n. were, perhaps, focusing their attention on one particular individual, the wife of a chilean general who was found this morning dead in that hotel. they say there was not enough or attention being made to recovering the bodies of americans. however, i must say i talked to the fairfax county rescue people, and they say that simply is not the case. they're looking for anyone without discrimination, without regard to where they live. to those who have loved ones inside that building back in the
12:03 pm
states, let me give you the best information that i can. it is a very difficult situation. the entire four floors of that hotel pancaked one on top of the other. it is the very difficult work, and although information may be slow in coming, i want you to know that there are dedicated people there on the scene doing their very best to try to get in there. and, again, there is a sliver of hope that there may still be people alive, but as the time goes can forward, it becomes more of a recovery and not a rescue operation. that's what we found today at the hotel montana where there has been a press blackout for weeks, at least a week now, and we were some of the first journalists to get back in there today, so this is new information that has not been available until just the last hour or so. jon: we spoke yesterday, brian, to the parents of three of those college students missing and believed to be trapped in that hotel. is there anything new you can tell us about them? >> no. they say it really doesn't make a lot of sense to go to their
12:04 pm
rooms or where their rooms would now be. they say that what happens traditionally is that you have an earthquake, you have a disaster, people start moving through the structure trying to get out. and so what they focus on first is the areas of egress, the hallways. as i said earlier, they're trying to get into the lobby to see if, perhaps, someone got trapped there and may be still alive. the people who go all over the world say it doesn't make a lot of sense to try to go to individual rooms and dig in there. you look for the places people would have been running in times of a disaster. jon: brian wilson live in haiti, thank you. and we have a lot more for you about haiti online at our team has been covering that devastation for more than a week now on air and via live shots, a feature there. go to, click on where it says live shots to see more of the reporting from haiti. jane: want to take you to southern california where thousands of people are
12:05 pm
anxiously worrying that a my it day of rain will trigger mudslides. the hope is that some pretty extensive flood control systems will divert enough of the water and muck and that the people who should get out are getting out. casey steigel is in california, just outside of los angeles. update us, if you will. >> hey, jane, good to see you. let's start off with a little bit of good news. can you believe it? the sun is actually peeking through the clouds right now. it's been one he laishes week. we were reporting yesterday there could be 7 inches of rain in some areas, that was about 3 inches. still significant but not as bad as they were expecting, and we're understanding now that it's supposed to be a little bit better this weekend. but you talk about some of the flood prevention methods, i want to show you that. this is called a k rail. it's a big temporary concrete barrier, jane, that they'll set up in all these neighborhoods that it will stop the flow of
12:06 pm
mud if a slide occurs. and if my photographer can pan over that way, i know we're streaming via the internet so it might be a little jerky, but you see that huge line of sandbags there, this stuff is all over the place there. people were desperate to try to get these sandbags fills, get these k rails up to keep the mud, debris and rocks from sliding off of these giant hills that are just behind us. jane, you can see the homes behind us a little too close for comfort. and although we're reporting some good news with the weather, at this point keep in mind mudslides can happen about 72 hours after it stops raining. obviously, the ground is extremely saturated, it's going to take a while for the sun that we're seeing now to start drying those hillsides out until this threat is fully over, jane, and people can return home. jane: casey, it's not just rain they've been dealing with there, right? >> yeah, not at all. in fact, a lot of snow which has made things treacherous, of course, for people who have to try to navigate those roads.
12:07 pm
but a lot of people familiar with that. it's a big tourist destination and, boy, i've got to say the skiers probably love it. in fact, a couple of different feet have fallen, some conflicting numbers. yesterday they got about 2 feet, so a lot of snow up in that area, even a tornado down in ventura county north of los angeles along the coast. so we have seen it all, the rain, the snow, the tornadoes, the wind. we're just fingers crossed that mother nature's going to give us a break and we're going to head into a dry weekend so these hillsides can dry out and, like i said, the 1200 or so people who are out of their homes under mandatory evacuation orders, jane, can come back. jane: casey, keep us updated, thanks. jon: that storm system is huge, and part of it is hitting southern arizona dumping heavy snow and rain on places west of phoenix. floods forcing the closure of two major roads between phoenix
12:08 pm
and flagstaff. flights into and out of phoenix were canceled earlier, but they have resumed now. jane: testimony continues today in the drew peterson murder case in illinois. it will likely center on the day that kathleen savio's body was found. savio was his third wife. peterson has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder. police are still looking into the disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy. authorities say at this point he is the only suspect. yesterday peterson's stepbrother took the stand, he spoke for three hours about the day stacy peterson vanished in 2007. jon: one of the most devisive issues in american politic thes, abortion. the march for life just began on the mall. that annual event coincides with the 37th anniversary of the roe v. wade decision. the march will end at the steps of the supreme court this
12:09 pm
afternoon. in 1973 roe v. wade legalized abortion. there were more than 615,000 abortions in the u.s. that year. the number peaked at more than 1.4 million in 1990. since then there has been a decline and leveling off in abortion statistics, the latest data available comes from 2006 when there were more than 846,000 abortions. let's go to molly handen berg now, she's following the march live from the national mall. what's happening, molly? >> hi, jon. well, it's always a cold day for these marchs for life, but the rain has stopped here which is certainly good news. the supreme court decided the roe v. wade decision on january 22, 1973, and every year since then there's been some form of march for life on that day, january 22nd, here on the mall. as you were saying, there's a rally going on right now, then they march up constitution avenue, up capitol hill and end up on the steps of the supreme court where, and on the steps of the supreme court is where they have a silent no more rally
12:10 pm
where there are testimonies from people who have had abortions. but let's talk with some people who are here at this rally. come join me, camille and brian palmer from dallas, texas. why did you want to be here today? >> i wanted to take a stand for those that don't have a voice and tell our leaders we must value the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. >> and, brian, why is it important for men to get get involved in the abortion debate? >> i think it's such an evil, it causes pain in everybody who it touches. so, you know, men, i know men personally who are hurting because they had abortion in their past, and, you know, it affects everybody, not just women. men and the children, of course, who we've lost. >> all right. thank you very much finish joining us today. when president bush was in the white house, he would address this crowd either in person or by statement. he was pro-life. pro-choice president obama as did president bill clinton
12:11 pm
declined an invitation to speak here and probably will not send a statement. jon? jon: molly, thank you. jane: well, we continue to follow the aftermath of that incredible upset in massachusetts for the senate seat there. scott brown beating the democrat to take ted kennedy's seat in the senate. we'll talk about what the effects it is having on health care reform as well. it's hit a nerve with americans, certainly some new poll numbers you might be interested in next. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. get wrapped up in the luscious taste of butternut squash, blended with delicate herbs. v8 golden butternut squash. from campbell's. a soup so velvety and delicious you won't be able to contain yourself. campbell's v8 soups.
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jane: we continue to see how scott brown's upset victory in massachusetts is truly sending shock waves way beyond that state. take a look at a new poll from gallup find the majority of people think the vote reflects voter frustration across the country. 72% say the president and congress should be paying attention to the results in massachusetts. what is the victory doing to your healthcare? that's a good question. and the prospects of reforming
12:15 pm
the health care system in this country really depends on who you ask. former clinton/gore adviser and senior national spokesperson for john mccain. this is an issue the two of them know all too well. richard, we're hearing things today that two weeks ago would have seemed impossible, there's a real possibility health care reform doesn't get through. your thoughts. >> yeah. well, if anybody actually thinks that we need health care reform, and i would think among those people who think we need it are the 14,000 people a day who lose health care, the fact that costs are going up, doubling every eight years really there seems to be a broad national consensus that health care reform is very much needed. if people think that losing one single senate seat should be the difference between having health care and not, or health care reform and not, good luck getting health care reform done in the next congress because of all the forecasts are true that the democrats may lose some seats in the house and the
12:16 pm
senate, it will make it that much harder. so i would say to democrats, take a deep breath. yeah, it was not a good night for democrats on tuesday. but if you meant what you said last year when you ran or in '08 when you ran for election and the president meant what he said about delivering health care reform going from 60 to 59 shouldn't be the difference between, you know, getting access and affordability for people and not. because if we start from scratch, we're not going to get it. jane: nancy, maybe this is just not the reform they want. also from this gallup poll, 55% of americans say the president and congress should now suspend work on this bill and consider alternatives to the current version. your thoughts? >> of course. i mean, this is a political tsunami, and it would take that level force in order to stop what has been a stunningly arrogant display by the democrats of trying to force feed a bad bill down the throats of the american people. these aren't just republicans opposing this, democrats have hemorrhaged, independents,
12:17 pm
seniors who happen to be democrat oppose this bill. it's a half a trillion bailout for the insurance companies that was cut in a bunch of back room deals that shows the worst of washington, not the best of washington. we were promised transparency, the president himself said he wanted cameras in the room. my new favorite web site is let the cameras they need to start from scratch and follow regular order in a bipartisan fashion in order to come up with reforms that can help people, not kill jobs, by the way, which is another job that would have happened if that bill had passed. jane: richard, you know, we see today what some are calling a pivot or a course correction that the president is in ohio right now focusing on jobs, focusing on the economy, we saw yesterday him focusing on the big banks in this country. smart move in your mind? >> well, i'll tell you what would be smart, it would be smart for the white house to explain to people what they've done already to affect job ands. jobs.
12:18 pm
look, when the stimulus was passed, the forecasts then were for the u.s. economy maybe if we were lucky to pull out of recession by the summer of 2010. well, it appears we've pulled out of recession by roughly the summer of 2009. yet job creation has not gone along with that. but every economist, take mark canty whom nancy knows because he was adviser to the mccain campaign, a republican with moody's. he said gdp would be appreciably worse. that's happened. the white house has done that, so they haven't just started talking about job creation. yes, i think they need to remind the public what they've done. they shouldn't sugar coat it though. they were dealt a miserable hand, thank you president bush. and that's not the blame game any more than the new deal was a blame game in response to the great depression. reforms are necessary, jobs need to be created, but the white house has been responsible for a
12:19 pm
lot of kind of positive developments on the economy so far, and i think they need to be talking about it much more persuasively than they've done. jane: nancy, less than 30 seconds for you to respond. >> okay. how about this? we have lost 2.8 million jobs since that stimulus bill went through. the projections on unemployment remain at 10% and pockets of this country like detroit, they're up at 30% or higher. they're at the third world country level. this administration's policies have been a disaster for the economy. they're proposing, again, this health care bill would have been a disaster, would have killed small business and put even more taxes on the american people. and cap and trade or climate change legislation, if you will, had a job loss estimate attached to it of about a million annually. so this is a bad, bad portfolio for the american people, and that's why they're rejecting it. jane: and still ten months before those midterms, there is time to make progress. >> exactly. jane we do have to leave it there. thanks. >> bye-bye. jon: we're about six weeks away
12:20 pm
from elections in iraq, and in advance of those elections, vice president biden has just landed there, we understand, under cover of darkness. he has hell helicoptered into te green zone, that fortified section where in government offices are held. we'll update you on the trip to iraq. also an unbelievable effort to deliver disaster relief from haiti, it comes from u.s. ships offshore. jonathan serrie is streaming live. >> that's right. the navy and marines are using giant hovercraft to bring in large shipments of humanitarian supplies and heavy equipment. i'll have a live report coming up.
12:21 pm
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jon: a fox news alert, it was about this time yesterday we saw vice president biden at the white house for that big
12:24 pm
announcement on banks. right now he's in baghdad, landed about an hour and 25 minutes ago, we're told. left washington about 9:00 last night, flew to england, changed to a military plane from air force 2 and landed in iraq about an hour and 20 minutes ago. he's in the green zone now, he will be meeting with high level government officials in advance of the elections scheduled for iraq in march. he will also be meeting with u.s. troops. we expect to get more from the vice president's office about his trip. when we get that information, we'll bring it to you live. jane: look at these new pictures courtesy of the u.s. navy. baby esther has just been born aboard the comfort which is the military floating hospital in which so many haitian earthquake victims are now being cared for. we're told she weighs less than 5 pounds, she was delivered seven weeks prematurely by c-section, her mother has pelvis
12:25 pm
fractions. the doctors say she is healthy, no complications, the first baby delivered aboard this floating hospital. that's good to see. right now there is a flow till la of military the ships helping with the rescue efforts, hovercraft capable of hauling about 65 ton thes at a time are delivering supplies and personnel to the shore. jonathan serrie is embedded with the 22nd military unit helping with efforts on land. he is streaming online for us now. update us, if you will. >> jane, the hovercraft are called landing craft air cushions, better known as l-cats, and you can see two of them behind me. these particular ones coming from the uss pa on the. there are three of them on board that ship. well, this morning they began shuttling large shipments of humanitarian supplies and heavy equipment, moving them into haiti. these landing craft particularly important because they can hold up to 65 tons on their massive
12:26 pm
decks. so between these craft, other amphibious craft and the helicopters, you're now experiencing the full amphibious capability of the uss baton and members of the 22nd marine expeditionary unit using these resources to bring supplies and manpower into haiti. the focus immediately is to bring water and food, much needed to sustain life here on this island nation. but the long-term goal is to rebuild the infrastructure restoring electricity, sewage and fresh water so that there will be a permanent solution to this problem. and the l cats, now that they're running, seems to be off to a good start. they had hoped to start this yesterday, but the original beach they secured, that huge tremor we experienced on wednesday actually shook up ground water and turned the dry terrain into mud.
12:27 pm
and so they had to pick a different location which they found here at grand guave, and now the shipments have begun. back to you. jane: jonathan serrie, thanks so much. jon: for sale, one slightly used airplane. it's missing its engines and it has, yes, a little water damage. talking about the plane that captain sully landed on the icy hudson river a little more than a year ago. it can be yours, if you've got the cash. we'll tell you how you can pony it up coming up.
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12:31 pm
jon: here is what's happening now. they have worked in haiti for 30 years, and there help as never been needed now. a group called plan international, their plan is to help the youngest victims. we'll talk to them live. jane: how cops say this guy transformed himself into a supermodel to trick unsuspecting victims out of thousands of dollars. jon: and you think your computer password is safe? it might not be. the list of most popular hacked pass words is out now. is yours on it? jane: we're traveling with the president to ohio at this hour. air force one touched down last hour in cleveland, the president hosting a town hall meeting on jobs in a state where the unemployment rate is almost 11%. mike emanuel is traveling with mr. obama, what is the white
12:32 pm
house hoping to accomplish? >> essentially getting the president out with the people and also expressing to them he understands jobs are a major concern. obviously, here in northeastern ohio it's a concern as well, the unemployment rate ticked up today, so the visit is timely, if you will, when people are concerned about jobs and their future. so he's going to talk about what he has done to address the jobs problem, what he hopes will create more jobs in the economy, and essentially to go out to talk to the american public and say, i get it. you guys are anxious about your future, about jobs, and here's what i'm trying to do to address those issues, jane. jane: do aides expect mr. obama will hear firsthand the anger and frustration? >> you know, robert gibbs predicted there would be some anger and frustration when the president speaks with people today. i should point out when they do a town hall meeting, you wonder how do people get in? 70% of the tickets were given out by the local community college, so they were not all hand-picked by the white house.
12:33 pm
30% of the tickets were begin out by the white house, so you'd expect from 70% of the people in the audience they would get fairly candid answers and questions and perhaps some tough talk from people concerned about some of the president's policies. jane: mike, i also heard a rumor in my house that there are some nfl playoffs this weekend, i'm told, and i once one of the stops by the president is going to get to the attention of some of those fans. >> you're absolutely right. if we have the anthem, let's roll it. if not, the rydell company that makes most of the nfl helmets, you'll see them across, the name across the helmets of the players as they're cracking heads this weekend. well, they have a manufacturing plant here in ohio, so the president will be making a stop. we'll be watching to see if the president puts on one of those helmets, jane. [laughter] jane: okay. mike, thank you. and we want to tell you about a special that's coming up. the president, of course, rocketed from the legislature in the state of illinois to the
12:34 pm
white house in less than five years. and along the way as he was making history, he was promising hope, promising change. bret baier has a special this weekend telling the story of barack obama's first year in office in a way you have probably not heard it before, in his own words. the president's words, that is. saturday and sunday 9 eastern right here on the fox news channel. jon: get this, the bureau of labor statistics now reports more union members are working for the government than for private employers. union membership in the private sector fell by 10% last year, but the decline was offset by a gain of about 64,000 union jobs in local, state and federal governments. government workers now make up more than 51% of all union members. jane jin well, the liberal radionetwork air america is going off the air. the former home of or senator al franken stopped airing news programs yesterday and filed for bankruptcy.
12:35 pm
reruns will air on monday night. they designed it in what would be a liberal answer, they hoped, to the likes of rush limbaugh. it has struggled financially since 2004. jon: today the last of wave after we've after heavy storms is pummeling the golden state, but california is not the only place impacted by terrible downpours. take a look at arizona. the flooding is extreme there and breaking records, creating muck, mess everywhere. stranding motorists in some places. it's so bad in arizona folks are looking for a direct route between phoenix and flagstaff, but they're out of luck. two major roadways remain closed there. >> hey, jon. i'm from arizona. there's actually only one main roadway there. when that gets closed, you are out of luck. flagstaff has received 4 feet of snow from these series of storms. we've been dealing with a early long-term drought all across areas of california and arizona, and you get a storm or a series
12:36 pm
of storms like this, and that can kind of wipe this out. take a look at the snowfall totals. this is the other good thing. the ski resorts in and across parts of the southwest looking at major snow from these storms. mammoth, california, 92 inches. jon, you're from california, so you know these ski resorts need this snow. unfortunately, all the rain and flooding, that's the problem. it is going to pull off towards the east tonight and tomorrow, and we're going to dry things out this weekend for saturday, sunday. another storm moves in again on tuesday, but it's not going to be as bad as this one. this is the rain that still we have to deal with across california and then in towards arizona and new mexico. the rain continues maybe about another 2-3 inches in some cases, about another foot, foot and a half of snow in some of the higher elevations, and we're talking about blizzard concerns as well around southeastern arizona. a little 2-3 inch spots of
12:37 pm
rainfall maybe the mountains outside of san diego as well and then, thankfully, we start to dry things out. jon: the skiers are rejoicing, that's for sure. rick, thank you. >> you bet. jon: well, it is not in exactly flying condition, but for enough cash the plane known for the miracle on the hudson rescue can be yours. the us airways airbus that captain sullenberger landed on the hudson river is up for auction. it is missing its engines, it has severe water damage. if you're looking to score a souvenir like maybe a seat cushion or something from that plane, forget about it. the plane likely will be sold as scrap. it's likely to go for several million dollars, believe it or not. jane: just one quick correction, air america is going to file for bankruptcy, has not happened yet. a new data security study is warning people not to use easy-to-hack passwords online.
12:38 pm
if you're using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as your secret code, you should stop. the password or something simple like i love you, they're among the top ten most commonly-hacked passwords making the work of cyber criminals much easier. two suggestions, make passwords at least eight characters long and don't just use a straight dictionary word. be creative. what is yours, jon? jon: i'm going to get in your office and try some of those on your computer. [laughter] jane: oh, i'm much more creative than that. i wuv jon scott. that's the trick of mine. jon: when did that begin? jane: speaking of love -- jon: looking for it in all the right places. a few guys thought they hit the jackpot meeting a supermodel on the internet. it's always too good to be true, isn't it? [laughter] jane: you tell me. jon: it was. who is on the line and why are police involved? muck muck you ♪
12:39 pm
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raymond james. individual solutions from independent advisers. jane: a judge in los angeles could decide today if the film directer roman polansky can be sentenced in absentia for sex with a minor 32 years old. plan sky's victim made the same request. however, prosecutors are insisting he appear in l.a. he was arrested in switzerland and spent 60 days in jail before being transferred tohouse arrest. jon: well, which guy wouldn't help a damsel in distress? several men are learning the hard way. they thought they were actually in contact with bree con done, a supermodel seen here in this picture. she models for things like guess jeans. they used web-based social
12:43 pm
networks like seeking to get in touch with her. some of them even talks to her on the phone, or so they thought. turns out they were in contact with a guy named justin brown. cops say brown used fake accounts to trick the men into giving him money and other gifts. so far brown's been charged with theft of 1500-$20,000, but authorities say the total could go much higher. brown was so skilled, cops say, he even fooled victims with his voice. he's in custody, but this the case is far from over. let's talk about it with detective carl satterly of the austin, texas, police department. you're afraid this guy may have conducted a pretty wide-ranging fraud here, huh? >> yes, sir. jon: how many guys, how many guys may be out there? i mean, you'd like them to come forward, right, if they've been duped? have yes,. >> yes, sir. we're really not sure how many
12:44 pm
victims there could be right now. the internet's so broad and, you know, with myspace and facebook and the other social networking web sites, i'm not sure how many that he might have joined using her information. so it's really kind of hard to say how many victims there can be out there. jon: yeah. there's one victim that thinks he may have lost, what, $13,000 that he thought was going to bree condon, he thought he was sending her money, and it turns out to be this internet scammer. >> yes, sir, that's correct. jon: how did you get involved? how did you become aware that this guy was using her identity in a sense to scam money out of men? >> well, i was the on-call detective for the financial crimes unit that week, and i received a phone call from a private investigator that had notified me he was working for bree, that she had hired him because somebody had used her identity over the last we're
12:45 pm
estimating about four years, somewhere around there. and that she had been confronted at several public places that she had gone to, that she had helped or actually someone had helped her, and then she became aware that something was going on. she started seeing some of the myspace accounts -- jon: so she's really the innocent victim in all of this, she's had her identity stolen here. >> yes, sir, that's correct. jon: all right -- >> so -- jon: and this guy, brown, we're told has a very e femme mate voice, he actually made phone calls to some of these people. they thought they were really talking to bree condon. >> yes, sir. that's correct. jon: well, is this the end of it? what do people do if they think they've been scammed? >> we do have anonymous tip
12:46 pm
line, 512-472-tips that people can call in if they have any information about this. my advice is make sure who you're talking to and make sure you come in contact with that person and really do your research about who you're speaking with before you send information or money. jon: detective satterly, it's a cautionary tale for a lot of guys occupant there. thank you. jane: check it out, flashes of light. that's a meteor right there. surveillance camera outside a storage facility captured these pictures. meteor streaking right through the sky. no reports of impacts or injuries, and we assume this is legit from laurel, montana. jon: i think it was superman. laugh. jane: okay. we'll follow up. well, this group has worked in haiti for decades, more than 35 years. its help, though, has never been needed more than now. the children are the focus, and the need is great. we'll tell you how they're
12:47 pm
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jane: relief is getting through to some parts of haiti and to some people, and the group called plan international is one of these many aid groups that has been working around the clock to try to feed and house hundreds of families and so many children who have been orphaned in this devastation. haiti had so many orphans before this earthquake hit. they've been there for more than three decade. they've raised about $5 million, and they say, believe it or not, so much more help is needed. joining us now is their directer of haiti operations. explain to me what you're seeing as we look at these incredible pictures and the faces of these kids. >> well, at this point in time
12:51 pm
after the earthquake, actually immediately after the earthquake, plans started the operation of relief to families in the southeastern part of the country. and there we distributed several tents for shelter, food and water for people in three makeshifts which contain 1,000 families each. and then yesterday we started the same operation in the other, in the vicinity of port-au-prince distributing, again, shelter to families who have been affected by the earthquake. the operation is getting bigger. actually one important thing, also, which is affected by the earthquake is the destruction of all health clinics in the country. and for that plan canada, our branch in canada, is sending us
12:52 pm
12 million worth of medicine to be distributed to all health centers and clinics in the country through the ministry of education. jane: you know, i was reading that so many of these orphanages and aid areas have been very vulnerable to attacks by looters because they know that the first places that are going to get the aid and the food and the water and can the clothing are the places that have children. do you have security concerns? >> yes, there is security concern in these areas. and also you might have heard there are a lot of adoption organizations who are taking the children from haiti for adoption, and i think plan is not in favor of that kind of thing. because taking the children from haiti is robbing the future of this country. instead we want for the children to stay with their families and to be helped through financial sponsorship as plan international is doing.
12:53 pm
jane: the directer of plan international, we invite people to go to our blog, we've got all the the information. good luck to you, i know that the challenges are really immense. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you very much, indeed, ma'am. jon: americans returning from war overseas only to find themselves without work, sometimes without homes. we'll bring you the story of a former homeless war veteran whose idea is inspiring his fellow troops and honoring their fallen comrades. ugcl)
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu
12:56 pm
tyftef (ckicli job opportunities for veterans in one form of the country are running pretty bad. one man came up with the idea of putting vets to work honoring memory of their fallen comrades. live in san francisco with more. tell us how this works.
12:57 pm
vets honoring vets. >> reporter: that is right, jon. getting vets a chance to get back on their feet and serve their country again in a deeply meaningful way. making headstones for other u.s. veterans who died. doing everything from designing stencils, doing the scribing of the words and images on to these tombs does which are then sent on to national cemeteries across the country. jon: can any veteran signed up? >> reporter: well, this program is really geared toward veterans who are almost, and that is what makes this program so unique. learning a new trade can really make all of the difference, especially if it is in an industry that will always need its employees. so far more than 40 homeless veterans have found employment making headstones since this program began three years ago along with the job and the
12:58 pm
self-esteem. they earn a temporary housing, a good steady wage, and a host of other services. jon: for the families overseas it must be especially meaningful to find help for veterans. >> reporter: right. every one we spoke to for this story from the families of the deceased to families of those making these tombstones used the word honor. we met a woman who was grieving the lost her husband. she said it meant so much to her and would have to have to know that his tombstone was made by a fellow veteran and one of the enscribers we spoke to tell us there is a bond that exists between veterans on the battlefield and off. he calls it a deep sense of pride and a privilege. jon: seems like a wonderful way to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. thanks very much. jane: a bit of a warning. if you are a viewer with a
12:59 pm
serious addiction, might give you a uncontrollable urge. life-sized car made out of 4 tons of dark chocolate. this is an exhibit at the bar of chocolate wonderland. a few of the other attractions, recreations of the great wall. even a bmw. there is the great wall. all made out of chocolate. all for you and your entire family. that is going to do it for us on friday. jon: we will see you again on monday. "the live desk" starts right now. trace: this this is the my desk i'm trace gallagher. alysin: and i'm alysin. trace: great to see you. we are watching the national mall. the annual march for life is under way. gathering to mark the day 37 years ago when the supreme court's ruling on the


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